“Where Individuals Re-Align With Their Soul, Release The Baggage And Thrive In Their Purpose”

“Life is a journey – it’s all about how we steer forward” ~ Tracey

Tracey has been an Energy Care Practitioner for over 15 years helping individuals, Professional and Entrepreneurs, rid them-self of stagnation and break plateaus they have experienced in life and in their business.
She has the gift of helping individuals transform themselves and their businesses to new levels in a matter of months.
Through her Soul work, Tracey helps people realize that the Soul is their core being and without that connection, the ego takes over, and that’s why “you are where you are”. Her Proprietary System – “Soul Wings of Freedom” – is the key
to the transformational result she’s provided clients world wide.

As a dedicated Energy worker, Wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, soul consultant, Angel Communicator –  Tracey loves to love, loves to see others happy and achieving what their full potential & dreams…….

Why Hire Tracey …..

  • Tracey will assist Attendees to breakthrough
    the habits that have not been serving them …& …
  • Bring them to a place of ‘Freedom Thinking’ …
    whilst …
  • Providing them with a ‘Method’ to Maintain &
    Manage their new belief system

Words from Clients: https://wp.me/P2LdYk-2n

Tracey’s Keynotes:

Breaking through your Business Plateau …starting
with you!

If you’ve ever felt stagnant in your business, in the same place for
too long or lacking growth, something needs to shift. What needs to
shift is not your business plan or your business strategies, it’s you.
With this keynote you will learn how to move out of your own way,
and move out of the box of stagnation. Tracey will share her
proprietary system to show audience members how they can;
remove their limiting beliefs and take back their power to move
forward in their business, and give themselves the freedom to reach
their next level of success.

Attendees Will:

  • *Identify why they’ve become stagnant, and the root of them feeling
    plateaued and start to
  • *Learn how to easily release their limited thought patterns when ever
    they arise
  • *Learn a new pattern of freedom thinking and how to apply it and
    propel their business in the next 90 days

Release the Baggage & Thrive in your Purpose –
Creating Room for Freedom & Success!

In this powerful keynote, individuals will learn how to move from a
place of restriction and stagnation, keeping them from living their life’s
Tracey has a gift, and will share her Proprietary System to help
individuals; re-find and understand who they are so they can reclaim
their personal power to move forward.
The end goal is: increased self-belief, increased happiness, increased
accomplishments. The reality is…When you’re happy within yourself
there are no limits.

Attendees Will: 

  • *Learn how to reclaim their power and trust themselves again through
    connecting with their soul.
  • *Learn new techniques to let go of past disappointments, and reduce
    the time it takes them to bounce back. (through the storm)
  • *Learn how to function on a higher level – maintain that level and learn
    how to find happiness in all situations

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Shadow Dancing,
  • Soul Business Consulting,
  • Grief & Bereavement – “Moving past the Mountain”,
  • Angel Communicator
  • Self Love
  • Taking your Soul to work
  • Young Adults – coping with peer pressure & self doubt
  • Being & understanding your unique inner YOU. There is no other!
Soul Freedom is your inheritance! Book Tracey Today to claim this!

To Book Tracey:

Call: +44 7799 453621 ~

Email: tracey@tracey-williams.net ~

Website: http://www.tracey-williams.net