We all have a ‘shadow’ that keeps holding us back from moving forward, taking the next step towards our dreams! The ‘shadow’ being our own ‘ego’ ~ which if we’re honest ~ leaves us doubting our own abilities & gifts! This Teaching & Course is about taking the control reigns back & being your WHOLE self, as our Creator intended for you!

Understanding our higher self & knowing when to ignore our ego is not as easy as it seems! We’ve been living with this inner voice all our lives & let’s face it ~ we always seem to revert back to our ‘old’ habits & ways, even when we commit & intend to make a new start in life! We hide behind our smile, our masked laugh & once alone, wonder why we can’t seem to move forward as others have!

Now is the time to take hold of your God given ‘power’ to break the mould of your ‘comfort zone’ habits & embrace your blessed & prosperous life with open arms, hands & a humble heart! It’s time to ‘kick butt’ ~ embrace the ‘addictions’,~ self destructive patterns & be true to yourself in every which way! You deserve to be free & thriving!

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