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Thank you for stopping by my blog page! A short introduction of myself for those who are visiting for the 1st time 🙂

I am a Soul Business Innovator, Angel Communicator & Wholeness Mentor

Where individuals re-align with their Soul, Release their baggage and thrive in their Purpose

I’m an Intuitive, who works with our Creator, & the Angelic realm. An established Angel Practitioner , Soul Coach & Consultant and Expert Speaker. Founder and Creator of the “Soul Wings of Freedom Method” – Where individuals Rediscover their Soul, Release their baggage and Thrive in their Purpose.

I’ve decided to start my blog with the 5 top Questions I’m asked constantly, giving my answers with unconditional love.

1. What is Soul Coaching? ~ It’s a method that is used to connect your Soul – your inner voice –  with your Being – your body – This reconnecting clears away all baggage, clutter, physical/mental/emotional – to open a clear channel to your Soul – allowing the Messages from your Soul to be heard by you.

2. Is Soul Coaching Therapy? ~ Not at all. In Therapy there is a focus on healing – emotional/mental/physical. Soul Coaching is focused on clearing away blockages,  clutter & baggage within your Soul which enables you rediscover your own Soul guidance & Life Purpose.

3. Is Soul Coaching & Life Coaching the same? ~ No. A Life Coach guides, motivates & inspires you to reach your chosen goals. A Soul Coach focuses on making you WHOLE by  assisting you with the clearing away of blockages from your Soul.

4. How long have you been Coaching? ~ I have been guiding & Coaching individuals for over 20 years. I found my purpose 28 years ago when I lost my 16 month old daughter in a tragic accident. Instead of focusing my energy on negativity and questions, I was guided to use my gifting and channel it into my Life Purpose.

5. Will Soul Coaching help me find my Soul Mate? ~ Believe it or not ~ I’ve been asked this question continuously ~ 🙂 ~ I can say that once you have cleared away all the debris blocking the connection between you & your Soul – you will most certainly be in an awesome position to discover your Soul Mate. You will be in convo with your Soul’s guidance.

Thank you for your presence and energy today! I will be back shortly with more ‘matters of the Soul’ to enlighten, guide & bless you!.

Have a day filled with love, light, blessings & joy!

Abundant Blessings to you!

Tracey ~






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