Blessings! Thank you for visiting my Soul Business, Angel Communicator & Wholeness Mentor Site!

I am an Angel Intuitive Practitioner, as well as a Soul Business Mentor, Bereavement Counsellor, Spiritual Guidance Coach & Motivational Speaker!  I communicate directly with your Angels & bring guidance to you through my Mentoring, Counselling & Speaking. I also work with energy intuitively & help you connect to your ‘higher self’ or Soul yearning!

I have always known I was  Intuitive, ever since I can remember, as I always seemed to have people coming to me for ‘help’ & guidance, even as a child.

My journey with the Angel’s began around  28 years ago,  whilst  faced with trauma & devastation ~ with the loss of  my baby daughter Nicole. I certainly was not  aware at the time, of what plans were ‘mapped’ out for me, but, through time, & constant ‘reminding’ by God & the Angel’s, I saw the light & love,  & accepted my gift & ‘calling’. My passion is to bring you to the place where you can feel comfortable within your self in all aspects ~ soul, mind, body. To equip you to live a life of abundance wholeheartedly. My gifting is to set you up with your own Divinely inspired Online Business created uniquely for you with YOU in mind! You will have a ‘foundation’ & platform set up for you to soar on your journey of new found independence.

I am  a wife , a mother &  a very blessed Granny/Nanna. I have 3 wonderful ‘children’,  2 handsomely awesome son-in-laws & presently have 6 gorgeous grandchildren . How blessed am I!?! I’ve been married to my soul mate for the past 38 years